IMA srl was founded by Lanzarotti Flavio and Raimondi Fausto, which were also the founders in 1978 of CAPROS srl sold in 1982 to MORTON-THIOKOL Inc., today part of DOW CHEMICAL group. Initially, the main activity was the marketing of auxiliaries used in the production of artificial leather to which it was added, in a second time, the marketing of polyurethane resins.
RAIMONDI FAUSTO, passed away in 2000, was a technician in the production of artificial leather before being co-founder of CAPROS srl and, afterwards, of IMA srl.
LANZAROTTI FLAVIO, current president of IMA srl, was applicative technician in the Italian division of UCB, that after became CYTECH which, in its turn, sold the division dedicated to polyurethane artificial leather to NOVOTEX ITALIANA. Moreover, he was member of NOVOTEX ITALIANA from 1971 to 1976, co-founder of CAPROS srl and IMA srl.

IMA srl starts in HANGZHOU (PCR), with the company HANGZHOU RAINBOW PIGMENTS CO.,LTD., the production of pigments dispersed in paste for different applications including artificial leathers.

IMA srl passes from the marketing to the production (polymerization) of polyurethane resins in the new head office in Via Segrè in Mortara.

IMA srl is present on the world market with products specially designed for the production of artificial leathers.
IMA srl has a productive capacity of 10,000 T/year with its 34 employees. HANGZHOU RAINBOW PIGMENTS CO.,LTD., has a productive capacity of 1,000 T/year with its 40 employees.

  • ARTIFICIAL LEATHER: production of resins and auxiliaries usable with all known technologies;
  • ARTIFICIAL LEATHER: development of new products and new applications;
  • ARTIFICIAL LEATHER: constant development of products whose target is to maintain or to improve the ecological balance;
  • ARTIFICIAL LEATHER: offering the market, day by day, our forty years of experience.
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