In this specific field, we offer a wide range of products capable of meeting the most different needs. With the brands IMAPUR-IMATHANE-IMACOAT, we are present on the market with monocomponent and bicomponents, aliphatic or aromatic polyurethane resins. They can be monocomponents to allow the recovery, in mix solvent to enhance certain characteristics or only to save money, in chip or, when the environmental factor is decisive, dispersed in water. A complete range of dyestuffs and pigment masterbatches in paste (IMANIL and NOVA) enables the easy coloring of our products.

With a complete range of resins (IMAPUR polymerized in solvent and IMATHANE in form of chips), with a full range of additives (IMACEL and IMASIL) and with concentrated pigments masterbatches, particularly studied for this sector, we are ready to satisfy every request.

Several years ago, the field of synthetic leather started to look with more and more interest at what was happening in natural leather finishing. Consequently, synthetic leather manufacturers began to introduce the machinery, technologies, and products normally used only in tanning industry. By combining the experience gained in these two fields, we have developed a whole series of specific products. In just a few years, our range of products IMALACK-IMAWAX-IMAFAT-IMASIL-IMACOAT-NOVA-IMANIL has broadened considerably. Now, as a result, we are able to meet the demand of our customers.

For many years, direct coating was only applied to fabrics for waterproofing purposes or to other processes which were mostly aiming to achieve technical results. Today,although such technical results are still a priority, the aesthetics of the finished product plays an essential role. Also in this field, choices are determined by fashion trends. Consequently, our products are adapted to them. Thanks to our complete series of base resins: IMAPUR-IMACOAT-IMASIR and a wide range of additives such as IMACEL-IMAWAX-IMASTER, as well as dyestuffs and pigment masterbatches in paste IMANIL and NOVA, we are sure to satisfy all the demand of the market.
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