This policy applies to the activities carried out by IMA Srl. It also applies to those environmental aspects over which the company can exercise control and which may have an influence on the environmental impact.
The company management has analysed the context by evaluating the factors that have an impact on the organization's results, both internal and external, and for each component of the context the relevant factors applicable in the company and the processes on which they can have an impact have been identified.

On the basis of the business context identified and the needs of the interested parties, the management identified the business risks by adopting the risk-based thinking approach.
Risk-based thinking has been applied to implement, maintain and continuously improve the Quality, Environment and Safety Management System, monitoring the consequences on processes, products and services.
The company management undertakes to periodically review the factors of the company context in order to reassess the risks identified to verify their adequacy.
The Management undertakes to implement its own integrated management system according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 standards.

The Management supports the development and implementation of the Integrated Management System through:
  • the use of adequate resources to maintain and improve the system;
  • promoting the use of the process approach and risk-based thinking;
  • defining the improvement objectives and the general guidelines to be pursued;
  • raising the awareness of all staff on the importance of meeting customer requirements, mandatory requirements and achieving the defined objectives;
  • respect, protection and enhancement of the environment and the prevention of all forms of pollution;
  • dissemination at all levels of the organization of the culture of prevention and protection of the environment;
  • the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace to ensure the protection of its workers and public safety;
  • the application of the risk assessment and prevention methodology as established by Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments
  • education and training of all personnel;
  • the creation of an internal organizational function suitable for coordinating the functioning of an integrated management system called SQA.

IMA Srl considers fundamental principles of its corporate strategy:
  • customer satisfaction;
  • compliance with explicit and implicit contractual commitments;
  • the care of communication towards the customer;
  • the selection of suppliers suitable for the required quality level;
  • the promotion of actions aimed at preventing the occurrence of non-conformities;
  • the optimization of costs associated with the quality and level of service established;
  • seek continuous improvement of performance always favouring preventive actions;
  • ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations or other mandatory requirements;
  • manage the environmental aspects trying to reduce their impact;
  • the availability of premises, systems and equipment for the correct execution of the production;
  • the use of qualified personnel (management and technical) and in a sufficient number for the needs of the service and its training so that the quality policy is understood and implemented, with consequent enhancement of human resources and increase of individual skills;
  • guarantee the provisions regarding the confidentiality of personal data contained in the Data Protection Code pursuant to the G.D.P.R. (EU Regulation 2016/679 - Legislative Decree 101/2018 and subsequent amendments and additions);
  • respect for ethical principles and social responsibility towards its personnel;
  • loyalty, correctness, transparency of its commercial activities;
  • provide services that comply with the requirements prescribed by the reference standards (UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001) and with the principles of fairness and loyalty on the market and towards its collaborators, with a view to continuous improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of the Management System;
  • apply new technologies to always keep in line with the specific needs of the market;
  • pursue a constant and sustainable growth of the competence of its staff, of the efficiency and effectiveness of its work through:
    • the provision of resources, structures and equipment suitable for company processes;
    • the provision of adequate human resources, ensuring the training and continuous updating of personnel according to the task and the promotion of the exchange of experiences and knowledge;
    • ensuring a healthy and safe working environment for the company personnel, and suitable and suitable equipment, means and systems to obtain the maximum performance of the production processes;
    • not to adopt and prohibit all its collaborators from practices of corruption, illegitimate favours, collusive behaviour, solicitations, direct and/or through third parties, for personal and career advantages for themselves or for others;
    • ensure compliance of the activities carried out with current regulations (voluntary and mandatory) with particular reference to those relating to the services offered and the management of company personnel;
    • do not employ or encourage the employment of minors;
    • do not use any type of forced labour;
    • making a safe and healthy work environment available to the staff, also promoting appropriate training activities, awareness and prevention of accidents;
    • promote a work environment free from any type of discrimination;
    • prohibit any punishment or physical abuse towards its collaborators;
    • observe the utmost confidentiality and impartiality on information, documents, studies, initiatives, projects, contracts, plans, etc., known for the services performed, with particular reference to those that may compromise the image or interests of customers and the enterprise;
    • minimize its environmental impacts, by optimizing waste management and implementing actions to raise staff awareness;
    • safeguard water bodies, air and soil in the most complete way.

The achievement of these objectives is constantly monitored through suitable measurement indicators and analysed to define specific improvement actions through the Management Review.
The Management ensures that the personnel themselves are free from any commercial or other kind of pressure that could influence the result of their products, and that they know the extent and limits of their responsibilities.
The Policy was defined by the Management in accordance with the analysis of the corporate context, the needs, possibilities and purposes of the company; it is periodically reviewed during Management Reviews, regarding its adequacy and continued suitability, and made available to its employees and interested parties.
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