IMAPUR - Polyurethane resins polimerized in solvent or solvents blend. IMAPUR series includes: aliphatics, aromatics, mono and bicomponents resins.

IMATHANE - Polyurethane resins polymerized in block and sold in pellets. They are aromatic polyurethanes, polyester or polyester/polyether based, destined both to wet process and dry process.

IMALACK - Series of leather and synthetic leather finishing products in both organic solvents and water. The base resins may be synthetic or natural, and are formulated to give the required result.

INSPUR - Trade mark that identifies a solvent-free range of polyurethane resins to be applied with the in situ polymerization technology.

NOVA - Trademark that covers all pigments prepared as a powder or paste. Paste products can be in organic solvents or water. The pigments, and the carrier in which they are dispersed, are selected to ensure consistency, stability and compatibility.

IMACOLOR - Series of water and solvent soluble dyes giving deep, bright colours. The dyes, and the carrier in which they are dissolved, are selected to ensure brightness, high yield and no migration.

IMACAT, IMACID - Series of different cross-linking and catalyzing agents. They have to be used following our technicians' advice regarding conditions and quantity.

IMASI, IMASIL - Series of silicone fats and/or oils selected to provide the resin or finishing agent used with particular features in terms of appearance or touch. In some cases use is aimed simply at altering the surface tension of the product being used.

IMASIR - Series of silicone resins dissolved in organic solvents, suitable for synthetic or natural fibre fabrics. They can be used alone or blended with suitable polyurethane-based resins.

IMAWAX - Series of dispersed or dissolved natural and/or synthetic waxes used in coating or finishing to give different effects in terms of appearance or touch. The methods of implementation of this product have to be decided with our technicians.

IMASTER - Series of concentrated pastes in which the most common active ingredient is a matting agent or blend of matting agents. Concentrates can be used in water-based or organic-solvent-based carriers.

IMASTAB - Series of stabilizing agents or blends of stabilizing agents designed to protect the finished article from certain external actions that may deteriorate it. The most common protections are those against the action of light, oxidation, hydrolysis, etc.

IMACEL - Series of additives used for both coating and coagulation, where the aim is to modify the rheological characteristics or the behaviour of a product during its use.

IMAWET - Series of products or blends of products which, added in the correct quantities, guarantee the perfect wetting of the medium being treated.

IMACOAT - Series of products in water or organic solvents designed for direct spreading on a range of media, including fabrics, non-woven fabrics and others.

IMATOP - Series of products in water or organic solvents, normally with the first blade in transfer coating, to give particular effects in terms of touch or resistance.

IMAFOAM - Series of products or blends of products used in the preparation of mechanical foams, to give the desired foam density and stability.

IMASOLV - Solvents or blends of solvents prepared according to clients' specific requirements. Products may be supplied in either drums or tanks.
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